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Dear Mr. Kalbagh, Congratulations for putting up such a useful website which is equally beautiful too. It seems that you have worked VERY HARD and spent a lot of time on it. Congratulations again.I have also been having a dream of putting such type of website. I am 67, very widely travelled and have a large number of photographs about lesser known fruits. But I have not been able to do it. So I can realize how much work does it involve.Please write me more about it. Please also write me if I can be of any help for you. THIS IS VERY SINCERE OFFER.Wishing you all the best in your efforts,

Very truly yours,

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar

Hello,” Fantastic ” is the only word , I can describe your site. I have visited many good US and European sites but none Indian as good as yours. While visiting the foreign sites , I used to always wonder if there can be an Indian site , giving similar info of the Indian plants. As you know, the foreign sites have lot of information but very little pertaining to Indian conditions and plants.I came to know about your site recently through BNHS ( north mumbai ) yahoogroup. I am yet to explore the complete site. But from what I have seen, it is just fabulous. I ll get back with more details as I explore further.By the way, let me introduce myself. I am Aniruddh K. Deshpande. I am an amateur in the field of botany. I am Electronics engineer by profession. I stay at Vile Parle. Needless to stay , I love plants.With best regards,

Aniruddh Deshpande

Dear Nandan Sir, Hi. This is Tushar here. We have met earlier at various occasions. Rose shows, Fot show & green warrior meet n eat programme. Though Few weeks back I had recieved your SMS. but somehow i couldn’t reach the site. In fact I recommended 3-4 friends of mine to visit the site. Today I saw the details in the site & I am amazed. The very basic fact knowing your background, its real wonder how great your dedication must be.
In fact lots of thing I can learn from this site. particularly the correct botonical names & common names. Also very much glad to my name in the gardening resources section. Just would like to know what I have to do put the detail address ETC. Pls let me know.
We will definetly meet in near future. Looking forward for your great association.
And once again three chheers for Your excellent work.Love. With regards
Dear Nandan, This is a monumental, unique and very laudable effort. We shall certainly support it as long as the costs are always reasonable! Incidentally, you have not mentioned the URL of the site in your attachment – please do so as I wish to frequently check it out, particularly the section on Pest Management (these are days when the word ‘control’ has been increasingly abandoned for ‘management’).Regards,
Anil S. Rao
(Pest Control India)
Dear Nandan, I really enjoyed looking through your website. The database is very comprehensive. You have an attractive top banner, and good organization (it’s easy to find what your looking for). I see that someone has put a lot of work into hand coding-wow, that’s a big table on your database lists!
Best Wishes,Beth DeGroat
Web Specialist
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
Dear Nandan, I have paid a visit. A very good idea and I can see a lot of work has gone into it.
As an Interior Designer from The New York School of Interior Design and with an Applied Physics backhround,
I am into Rock Gardens.
Can I find a place in your website?-Pradeep Kumar Mahesh (Maheshwari)
S 164, Greater kailash, Part 1, New Delhi 110048 India.
Dear Nandan Kalbag, Thanks for your identifications. You really have good plant knowledge. We were particularly happy with the identification of Malpighia coccigera. Carissa carandas was pointed out by somebody else too, but I was a bit unsure as the flowers looked slightly narrower. But it matches quite nicely with the picture you sent.
yooo40 actually turned out to be Alternanthera philoxeroides (commonly called Alligator weed), and not Enicostemma axillare. Thanks again for your continued contribution.– Tabish
Dear Nandan, Well done site. My wife was impressed. She has a problem with her coleus which do not show proper growth or shoot up lanky not bushy. Any suggestions.Best wishes.
Theo M. D’Souza
From: Mahesh Temghare
Subject: Ur website is a boon for plant lovers & beginners. Lot of information gathered in such a way & that to at the click of mouse is really fantastic,I would love to comment more on it when i meet u in person.(Message from Mahesh Temghare ‘GREEN VISION’)
Dear Mr.Kalbag, Co-incidently while enquiring about Nursery/Horticulture Course at Mumbai University, I came to know about you & subsequently about your website…
after going through the contents of site , I am quite impressed & excited about Horticulture and floriculture field and thinking to build a career in this field, for which I am seeking your advice as well as guidance. Waiting for your valuable advice eagerly,Thanks & Regards,
Menesh Pawar
Hello Nandan,Thank you for noticing the misspelling. I will forward your email to our web-master. I must be blind; I didn’t see the sensitive vine entry.I hope you will be able to attend one of our meetings.Antonia Messina-Gates
President Garland Chapter
Native Plant Society of Texas