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About Nandan Kalbag, the compiler of ‘Gardentia’


Nandan_1From childhood; plants and insects are his favourite subjects. Though having no formal qualification in horticulture, due to his intense love of plants, having keen sense of observation and working in the garden with his own hands he has been able to work as a horticultural consultant to several nurseries, farms and gardens. He is a faculty member of the gardening courses conducted by University of Mumbai, Extramural section. He is also invited as a visiting lecturer by many colleges for their Horticultural & Nursery courses. He has been working on panel of judges for many horticultural shows. His articles have appeared in many prestigious publications. His other hobbies are: Nature observation, photography, listening to Indian classical music, learning Indian languages and making handicrafts.


My love for gardening is a very precious gift to me from my grandfather Shri. Sheshgiri Kalbag.

I was very lucky to be born to parents, Taranath & Sujata, who did not coerce me to complete my formal studies. They allowed me to pursue my hobby of gardening.

I am very much indebted to Late Prof. P. V. Bole, who initiated me in to the realm of scientific nomenclature of plant kingdom.

Dr. M.R.Almeida & Dr. C.S.Lattu have helped me in identifying certain plants, for which I am grateful to them.

Without the precious help of my son Amar Kalbag, this website would have been an impossible task. All the initial technicalities of formatting plant information on the computer were ably shouldered by him. Once when I had almost completed my work of compilation, the entire data from the computer was lost. Due to his acumen he could retrieve the lost data.

I am thankful to Ashutosh Bijoor of Reach 1 to 1 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and its staff for  designing and hoisting this website.

And of course, without the support of my wife Shobha, this website would have been an impossible task. She not only tolerated my madness about plants but also ably managed the domestic front without any help from me.

I am also very grateful to Ms. Nawaz Patuck of Patuck Nursery, Shri. U.N.Singh of Mayflower Nursery, Shri. Bharat Soni of Gogreen Nursery, Shri. Sanjiv Aggarwal of Sanjivani Farm, Shri. Devrao Patil of Pachu Nursery, Shri. Shakti Mehta of Nisarga Nursery and Shailesh Kapadia of Neha Exotic for allowing me to photograph their plants.


Following books were of great help in identifying some plants & information : ‘Tropica’, ‘Exotica’ & ‘Hortica’ by A.B. Graf, ‘Tropical Garden Plants’ by Bose-Chowdhury-Sharma, ‘Common Indian Wild Flowers’ by Isaac Kehimkar, ‘Butterflies of Peninsular India’ by Krushnamegh Kunte & Flora of Maharashtra by Dr. M.R.Almeida


NOTE: Gardentia website is being updated regularly with new information.